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BBC Cellpack Plastics: High-performance plastics with Swiss quality

BBC Cellpack Plastics has been a leading provider of machined products and applications for technical plastics since 1961. Our extensive experience in the application and processing of plastics enables us to provide specialist, comprehensive and tailor-made customer advice. We can provide optimum support throughout the product development process from the original idea right through to series production.

Semi-finished products, high-precision finished plastic parts and assemblies. Whether we’re helping you with selecting a material, machining parts, installing or cleaning – BBC Cellpack Plastics is your expert advisor and specialist provider for any process involving plastics.

We supply a wide array of semi-finished products and a huge selection of plastics straight from our warehouse.


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Analytics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Robust, high-precision plastics, processed for maximum availability and process reliability in your systems.

Medical technology

Implants, medical instruments and components for medical devices. With sterile packaging. Verified in accordance with ISO 13485 and FDA.


Light-weight and functional components for maximum reliability. For ultimate safety and lower emissions. Production and installation processes meet EN 9100 standards.

Semi-conductor technology

Special high-precision plastics handled, mounted and cleaned in a controlled environment. Ensuring maximum quality and reliability of your products.

Further applications

Semi-finished plastic parts, finished components and assemblies for sensor and measuring technology, mechanical engineering, automation, electronics, electro-technology and fluid technology.